Presenting automatic yield compounding platform to optimize defi users assets

The problem of asset maximization has been a major issue in the crypto industry. Crypto users have not been able to achieve financial success in recent times, and in most cases, some users have lost their fortunes in crypto investments. These issues have demoralized Defi participants and forced many investors to leave the industry, also discouraging prospective participants.

Bakerybunny platform was established to tackle these issues and improve the Defi system by developing an auto-compounding yield platform for all levels of investors, both big and small. With a vision of bringing tremendous improvement in the Defi system, with more focus on Binance smart chain.

Bakerybunny is designed to establish several techniques for its users to reduce risks involved in cryptocurrencies and maximize investment return earnings. They present an unprecedented unique yield aggregator that will satisfy the yield seeking quest of various Defi users, attract more prominent users and improve the entire cryptosystem.

The platform is managed by a team of crypto enthusiasts based in Canada that has strong experience in the Binance smart chain contracts and cryptocurrencies. They will apply their wealth of experience and build smart contracts to ensure the growth, safety and sustainability of the platform.

BakeBunny Farm

BakeBunny will establish farming pools that will accommodate various levels of investors. It is designed to accept various classes of token pairs like BAKE-BNB and BUSD-BNB.

The LP is established through smart contracts and is designed to compound its interest earnings. The investors cannot compound the interest for themselves because they cannot understand the timing and frequency of the compounding process. Therefore, the system compounds automatically at a low gas fee.

Each class of token stake has its risk and compounding rewards. Tokens with high interest yield are more volatile than tokens with lower interests. The value of the assets deposited in the LP may reduce due to loss in the financial value of the assets resulting from market conditions.

The interest yield is worked out by the number of days the tokens are staked in the pool. The higher the number of days, the more earnings and growth the assets will have.

Farming Rewards

The LP tokens earn their rewards through auto-compounding of interests. Users can decide to pull their earnings from the pool at any time. 70% of their profit is paid in the value of the LP farm token (BNB or BUSD), and 30% paid in Bakebunny tokens, in $ equivalent to BNB.

Farming Withdrawal

An investor can decide to withdraw his/her asset from the staking pool, but the rule of the platform states that withdrawals cannot be made within 48 hours of deposits. There is a timer that is reset after every deposit is made, and any withdrawal made within the next 48hours after a new deposit is charged 0.4%. This measure is adopted to deter fraudsters from taking advantage of the platform.

BakeBunny Token

Bakabunny platform has a unique cryptocurrency that is utilized in all activities in the community. Its holders are given preferential shares of the proceeds from the platform and also take part in the governance of the ecosystem. The token is coined through smart contracts and can be swapped at Bakeryswap at a low fee.

16 million BakeBunny tokens will be supplied for the project. It will be allocated as follows;

Liquidity and pools 45%
Community airdrop and bounty 5%
Marketing and promotions 4%
Developers and team 5%
Crowdfunding 40%
Operations 3%

BakeBunny fees

Swapping fee

There is a swapping fee for charged for swapping tokens on Bakeryswap platform. The swapping fee rate is obtained at the Bakeryswap API. These rewards accrue to the LP token, leading to its value appreciation.

Withdrawal fee

Any investor that wants to withdraw funds deposited in the farming pool within 48 hours of deposit will pay 0.4% withdrawal fee. This charge will help to prevent fraudulent individuals from exploiting the community and also keep the activities on the platform uninterrupted.

Performance fee

Investors who wish to withdraw earnings from the farming pool will be charged a 30% fee. This fee is utilized to reward BakeBunny stakeholders.

These fees are used to settle and reward the Liquidity Providers cum BakeBunny token holders and also used to develop the entire community.


This is a process of selling the BakeBunny tokens to prospective investors. The crowdfunding process is live now with an allocation of 6,400,000 tokens to be sold in the program. It can be purchased with BNB(BSC) tokens from the investor’s personal wallet like Metamask trustwallet, safepal etc.

The tokens are immediately sent to the investor’s wallet once payment is received and confirmed.

After the crowdfunding sales, Bakebunny Liquidity is added and locked and unsold tokens are burned. The crowdfunding sales payment can be made at 0x3bA36bbF80cDC1c431aDfE924A2EfDA95fF7101F. 1 BNB = 30


The establishment of Bakerybunny Defi will be achieved through these following procedures:

February 2021

Formation of team.
Harnessing of ideas and conducting Research.

March — May 2021

Launching of BakeryBunny Defi
BakeryBunny Legal Setup

June 2021

Institution of BakeBunny Smart Contract Address
Establishment of Website
Community building (Airdrop & Bounty)
Launching of CrowdFunding
Instant Token distribution to all Investors/Buyers

July 5th 2021

Token Listing & Locked liquidity on BakerySwap & Pancakeswap
Launching of BakeryBunny Pools

September 2021

Engaging Marketing activities & Partnerships
Single Asset Vault Launch
Cross Chain Farming v1.0 Launch

December 2021

Arbitrage Between BSC and ETH Pools Launch

Quarter 2, 2022

Launching of Investment Dashboard

Quarter 3, 2022

Mobile App launching for Android & IOS

The future of the BakeBunny Defi is so bright, considering the products of the platform and the processes of the activities on the platform. It also has a trusted management team that have vowed to deliver a safe and transparent platform which will be used to assess their capability. Therefore, Bakerybunny will play a leading role in the crypto world and optimize the wealth of its users. Thereby attracting more and more newbies into the Defi crypto system and improving the values of the entire system. So come in and join the moving train and grow your assets through automatic compounded yields.

Bakery Bunny is a new and rapidly evolving Defi productivity aggregator used for BakerySwap. The BakeryBunny protocol allows crypto farmers to leverage their profit-seeking tendencies to optimize the compounding technique on BSC. Bakery Bunny is providing techniques for a number of crypto farmers’ needs from those looking for the highest return to risk-reward optimizing smart investors. I really like the idea of ​​the project and believe it will bring a lot of profit to investors. Follow up before you buy.

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