Introducing the upcoming decentralized trading platform 123Swap

123swap is a platform that completely exchanges very different crypto assets between friends and creates a decentralized super-financial ecosystem.

The 123swap dashboard is accessible to anyone, making it a transparent open ecosystem. Users hold tokens and conduct research to make decisions to use in their innovative portfolios with different basic functions, so that they offer holders a variety of benefits than the 123swap currency itself, bringing more benefits to users. Many members of our 123Swap community have experienced the benefits of seamless peer-to-peer crypto asset swaps, with multiple successful project launches planned for 2021 on the swap platform 123.

By adding additional potential blockchain networks, the team at 123Swap is continuing to find methods to swap, hold, send, receive, earn and invest tokens on different chains more easily. for our partner projects and users. Currently, 123Swap supports the Ethereum blockchain, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

About 123Swap

The 123Swap platform is a decentralized financial ecosystem that enables smooth peer-to-peer crypto-asset exchange. It offers simple, transparent and convenient exchanges, as well as investment and income management options, all without the need for a middleman. The platform aims to make the cryptocurrency trading mechanism as simple as possible while minimizing slippage.

The 123Swap platform offers various DeFi options for blockchain assets across several chains:

  • NFT Minting
    Productive farming
  • The cross-chain value exchange mechanism allows platform users to transact directly with each other on any chain on a peer-to-peer basis.

123Swap’s mission is to create the next generation financial ecosystem by empowering blockchain technology and expanding the use of cryptocurrencies for purchases and payments in the financial sector.

Strengths of 123Swap !

123swap gathers unfounded liquidity from large decentralized exchanges: guaranteeing the best rates and speed to its users. Ultimately, the platform aims to save traders time, money, and resources.

Safe transaction

If you make a trade at a DEX, the exchange itself never touches your assets. Accordingly, even if a hacker somehow manages to hack the exchange (despite the above), that hacker cannot access your assets. However, if you execute trades at a centralized exchange, you typically hold assets at that exchange. That is, until you withdraw them to your personal wallet. As a result, a centralized exchange can be hacked and your funds held at that exchange can be stolen. This is not the case for decentralized exchanges, like 123Swap.

Simple and Confident

  • No account registration, deposits, wrapped tokens, return tokens, or other complex setup requirements.
  • No additional transaction fees.
  • Smart order routing split the transaction on the DECENTRALIZED exchange networks to be filled with the lowest slippage possible.

Non Custodial

  • The platform uses Liquidity software that supports the authorization of the user’s wallet. Therefore, users only have access to the asset they place in trade.
  • To ensure the security of funds, 123swap does not store end-users private keys outside their device.

24/7 online support

  • Day and night, the 123swap support team is always ready to help users and solve their problems.
  • The team is made up of highly qualified specialists who provide technical support and information.

Automatic calculations

  • 123swap does all the calculations for its users, including APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and P&L (Profit and Loss).
  • This way, it is easier for traders not to spend a lot of time on Excel spreadsheets.

The platform key differientor

Below are the main features/functions of the 123swap platform that make it unique and one of its kind:

Visualise the swap in a whole new way

  • It helps to see the number of transactions in real-time. It will help the user to make a better decision by analyzing all the values used to calculate the transaction.

Arbitrage possibilities

  • 123swap is always looking for the best prices on the market for trading and allows traders to carry out arbitrage.


  • Traders can choose from the 500+ available liquidity.
  • Pools cross-chain (Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, and many more).
  • Controlled community, Strong community owners, complete control of the community on the platform.
  • Automatic trade, such as uniswap or pancakes
  • Swap, but with a limit order, stop-limit orders, and various other automated possibilities.


This is a stage of consistent distributed crypto resource trading. 123swap uses group insights to create a locally represented, live, and decentralized environment for web 3.0. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain biological system. The swap phase is generally self-financed and expects the administration to project. So most of the tokens will be sold during the pre-deal. Equal freedom will be in the hands of the general public and Venture Capitalists. 123swap gives monetary control back to individuals to save and develop abundance together.

123swap can be a protocines to the best to change the money for the platform of good to allow users to Swap, Hold, Send, Receive, Earn, Invest, Borrow and Lend their assets across multiple strings.

It allows users to visualize all preferred converters collected from large windows trading cryptocurrencies in one location widget. The foundation wishes to create a community strength. The member community can develop the necessary regulations such as whether to use a token group or cryptographic message, key length, etc., using the correct mode determination.
More information about the project

BTT : themagic96
Forum Profile Link:;u=2860727
BSC Wallet Address : 0x63291d08AeE4cCC3a1eBCe98b8C346D8F3ff7B2f

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