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Temporary EXIP is an ecosystem developed by experts in blockchain technology. Whether you’re a private or a agency , this group is committed to making a totally decentralized and community-driven Internet. because of the creation of a decentralized internet and access through the EXIP browser, every user can use the web for his or her own needs without worrying of data loss. A decentralized domain, its creation is additionally a really important a part of today’s wealth. With the assistance of cryptographic tokens and EXIP tokens, of these options are going to be available within the near future and can be yours only.

The concept of blockchain-based decentralized internet is gaining popularity among users thanks to its promising properties. Actual implementation requires a practical and balanced approach across the ecosystem. EXIP solves most of the issues that exist today. However, we all got to take serious steps to guard our internet and make sure that it remains independent and neutral, free from outside political prejudice.

Of course, there are already decentralized browsers that provide similar services. You’ll also find decentralized storage for your data. However, such projects help us use the web more safely and make sure that our data belongs only to us. The team not only strives to form the web decentralized, but also combines DNS, domains, plugins and more into one place. Each of those companies is increasingly working to understand how central the web is today and move to their own decentralization and control.


EXIP The EXIP ecosystem has been developed specifically to satisfy the requirements of people , private or government agencies. The EXIP token is an originally published Governance & Usability token supported the Binance chain. EXIP tokens are wont to buy, sell, and auction top-level domains and domains, while token holders are wont to buy and auction domains and TLDs. With EXIP Browser & Extension, users can access blockchain-based DNS technology where things grow without knowing the principles. nobody outside the community will own the web . Provides intranet security and provides internet connectivity. Only then can we build a very free and open internet.

EXIP-DNS: in the EXIP-DNS system, ordinary users can purchase, order, sell, auction, and transfer domains and top-level domains defined through user-generated NFTs in multiple blockchains. Communities can host their DNS servers as local decentralized name resolution nodes or within the cloud that act like traditional DNS servers. As soon because the user enters the name within the search bar, he will search on the EXIP system for the requested name. If it doesn’t find it, it’ll search for it on the normal DNS server :

  • EXIP browser and browser extension: With the EXIP browser and extension, users can access blockchain-based DNS technology, where everything runs consistent with principles without knowing it. Domains created through DNS are often accessed through browser extensions, dedicated browsers, and decentralized DNS servers. Users can browse decentralized EXIP domains through a browser extension. Users can add extensions to their current browser. Users must install the EXIP browser or the EXIP browser extension in an existing browser and access a decentralized domain. additionally, there’ll be bridges that support traditional domains.
  • Decentralized Hosting: Users also can host their decentralized static website through IPFS with a couple of clicks from the DNS reservation system once they own the domain.
  • EXIP Token: The EXIP token is a Governance & Agnostic token originally issued against the Binance chain. EXIP tokens are used to buy, sell, and auction top-level domains and domains, while token holders are used to buy and auction domains and TLDs. Token holders have the right to vote to hold or revoke the domain or TLD if the community decides that it should not exist.

Token Economy
The number of tokens issued will be 2,100,000 at any given time. Initially, 2.1 million EXIP tokens will be printed on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and listed on the exchange. At the same time, Ethereum and 2.1 million STAR-based EXIP tokens were also printed and locked in the wallet pool. When EXIP passes 1.1 + M (<50%) of tokens sold, Ethereum-based EXIP tokens will be listed on the market. When a user wants to convert a token, they can go to the EXIP pool wallet, verify their ownership, convert the token and transfer it to their wallet. Other tokens will be sent back to the pool account. The price and offering of each token in the chain will be the same at any time. Even if the community wants EXIP to create any token on a particular blockchain, in the future this can be achieved through community voting.

Token Exip / Token Structure

  • Total tokens: 50,000,000
  • Token tick: EXIT
  • Token initial placement: 1,500,000 at a price of 0.5 US dollars.

IDO and IEO sales offers

  • Initial offer of Dex: 1,500,000 priced at $ 0.50.
  • Initial exchange offer of 1: 25,000,000 @ 0.65 $
  • Initial exchange offer 2: 12,500,000 at a price of $ 0.75.
  • Initial exchange offer 3: 7,500,000 for $ 0.85.

Token deflation mechanism
All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of each IEO stage. If users pay with EXIP tokens to purchase top level domains or domains, they will receive a discount, and EXIP spending is a must on our platform to create your TLD.

  • Total tokens 2,100,000

This is a very new idea and it takes time for users to get used to. Although it has only just launched, it has already received the attention of large investments. In the long run, this will be a good project for investors. With an excellent team I believe this project will get a good position in the crypto market.

For more information:
Website: https://www.exip.live/
White Paper: https://bit.ly/3bf8D56
Telegram: https://t.me/exipofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExipOfficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exipproject
Media: https://medium.com/@exip
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/exiptoken


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