DOGGY SWAP; a solution for AMM and NFT marketplace

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DeFi is an open and global financial system built for the internet age — an alternative to a system that’s opaque, tightly controlled, and held together by decades-old infrastructure and processes. It gives you control and visibility over your money. It gives you exposure to global markets and alternatives to your local currency or banking options. DeFi products open up financial services to anyone with an internet connection and they’re largely owned and maintained by their users. So far tens of billions of dollars worth of crypto has flowed through DeFi applications and it’s growing every day.

As the world’s first cryptocurrency, it is setting the pace for what is now a financial revolution. The impact this coin has on the world cannot be underestimated. Since its inception, it has helped inspire other interesting and exciting projects on the market. One such project is the Dogy Swap Project.

About DOGGY Swap

Doggy Swap is a project that supports Defi, as well as NFT and AMM. Three-in-one cryptocurrency. Very modern solution, excellent developer site. And the coin issue is limited to a hundred billion.

DOGGY Swap is a token that users can exchange for the Crypto Doggy NFT. This animated dog will come in GIF format. they have been algorithmically created, yielding 10,000 different types of Doggies, with different rarities, from ordinary to unusual or rare, giving some of them a more collectable value.

Another feature that sets us apart and gives us special value is the powerful Burn Mechanism. And DOGGY Swap will allow everyone to buy CryptoDoggies NFT, the cute animated dog.

It is no more news that cryptocurrencys has become the worlds biggest means of investment, which is why about 80% of individuals around the world today are now investing their capitals into cryptocurrencys with the aim of high APY (annual percentage yield). Businesses, organizations and some individuals has shifted there investment from reall easte and financial institutions (banks), they are all migration to crypto investment. The era of blockchain technology has kept some group of professionals working around the clock in other to develop some blockchain platforms (Like DOGGY SWAP) which is making things more easy for individuals around the world to invest in cryptocurrency at the comfort of their home, just with their cell phone or on their computer. Blockchain technology has brought financial institutions into the blockchain network through Defi projects, it has brought art work(artist)/ artificial intelligenceand through NFT projects and is also bringing reall easte into the blockchain network. In the past years, individuals will visit financial institutions for some documentations before they can make investment. But today, blockchain networks that are based on Defi ecosystem has made investment procedure so easy for investors. As an investor, you don’t need to visit any financial firm in other to make an investment (you can now do everything on your cell phone). Artists now have the previled to monetize their work in their own terms, investors are now previlaged to monitor their investment from the comfort of their home. Even on the DOGGY SWAP platform which is a new and thriving platform, individuals investments are easly swaped to a token of choice or fiat currency at a low transaction fee.
With lots of challenges in the crypto market, most investors/individuals still find it difficult to trade and convert their cryptocurrencys to spendable cash (fiat). This is due to how sophisticated some exchanges could be, at times investors need to do KYC on some exchange platforms in other to be able to trade their cryptocurrencys, these KYC verification may take some days or a week to be successful as a result of poor platform network and when these happens, investors gets so disappointed because they may not be able to sell their token at the price they had wish to, because before the success of KYC the token might have fall in price. All these are challenges you can’t face in the DOGGY SWAP platform.
On yearly bases, many new blockchain platforms are being developed but perhaps alot has faild due to unprofessional team work, insecuruty on their network, difficulty to operate on their system and inability to out stand competetors, on the DOGGY SWAP network you wouldn’t face any of that.
The cryptocurrencys market is possible because there are exchanges to trade the tokens and most of these exchanges are so technicall that some novice traders/investors can not operet on. They therefore seek assistance to carry out a trade which some times put their capital at risk. this is a big broblem in the crypto market.
In other to eradicate the problems stated above, some group of professionals has developed a swap exchange knows as “DOGGY swap” which is revolutionizing the crypto market. Unlike other swap exchange, DOGGY swap has the vision of becoming the number one swap exchange in a near future with it’s low transaction fee. Doggy swap has team of professionals who are working around the clock and thinking outside the box in other to design their platform the way other swap exchanges has not done. Doggy swap is a great platform with professional team members.


The doggy token has been allocated in the following, as stated below

  • Pre-Sale :55.000.000,000 $DOGS
  • Initial liquidity: $DOGS
  • Airdrop Bounty: $DOGS
  • Marketing: $DOGS



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